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Parent’s Dream

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They say it’s our human nature to wish upon our children to become better persons than we are, to become what we wished we were, to become what we can’t be. I think in many ways this saying has a lot of truth to it. Maybe not always to become a great engineer or succeeding a 5th generation family business, but we always want our kids to be us, and more…

To some extend, this line of thoughts is quite dangerous. It’s nothing more than a bunch of excuses and lies we make up to cover up our own failures; our failures as human beings; our failures to fulfilling our potentials. Maybe instead of hoping things would be different (for our kids) if we (or they) had this and that, we really ought to be thinking: this is where we want/need to be; now, how do we get there using the best of our abilities? I say no more to hoping for the best later, no more to entangling our children to become someone we’ve failed to be. We need to be what we can’t be. We need to wake up one day and be able to say to ourselves proudly, “Wow, I’ve had the most wonderful dream of my life…”

My life, my dream, my path. Not my children’s.


Written by divi

21/11/2005 at 5:13 am

Posted in Chaos

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