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Movie Renting + Buying Coming To iTune?

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Hot off the press, according to AppleInsider, Apple has been “doing” a survey asking people’s willingness to rent/buy movies off the iTune music (soon to be movie?) store. The price point here is $9.99 per month (all you can eat w/ initial 1000 movies) and $12.95 per movie (NO DVD burning). Personally, I think I watch way more than 10 movies a year. And, I am constantly in need to be entertained. So, I’m all for the all you can eat option. But, I think potentially offering both is a Win for Apple. Keep the $12.95 price tag per movie. But, give discount to the yearly subscribers (maybe a 50% discount). So, after people watched a movie and liked it, they can hop over and own it. Not sure how popular this option would be. But hell, people can finally be sending movies to families and friends legally!  I sure hope it’d be in HD though I seriously doubt it.


Written by divi

02/03/2006 at 8:11 am

Posted in Apple, Biz & Co., Movie, Tech

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