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Yahoo! Pipes!

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If you pay any attention to the Web 2-Oh crowd you’d notice this week is all about Yahoo! and its pipes. What the hell is it, you asked? No, no, it’s not a place you can unload your dump truck! Or is it??


In some sense, the Pipes are a lot like the Lego Mind Storm programming interface. It’s basically just series of interconnected blocks, but for web mashups rather than making robot move. To prepare for this post (yes I do do my homework from time to time) I put together a simple pipe that will let you to track any product(s) across all my bargain hunting feeds. Simply enter the product you are interested in and run the pipe. Subscribe the bargaining pipe’s RSS feed using Google Reader, and now you won’t miss any deal that come across all these bargain sites! Pretty neat, eh? There are a lot more you can do with Yahoo! Pipes. I highly recommend you login in and try it out yourself. Hooray to web 2-O.o…


Written by divi

09/02/2007 at 4:05 pm

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