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Yahoo! Pipes!

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If you pay any attention to the Web 2-Oh crowd you’d notice this week is all about Yahoo! and its pipes. What the hell is it, you asked? No, no, it’s not a place you can unload your dump truck! Or is it??


In some sense, the Pipes are a lot like the Lego Mind Storm programming interface. It’s basically just series of interconnected blocks, but for web mashups rather than making robot move. To prepare for this post (yes I do do my homework from time to time) I put together a simple pipe that will let you to track any product(s) across all my bargain hunting feeds. Simply enter the product you are interested in and run the pipe. Subscribe the bargaining pipe’s RSS feed using Google Reader, and now you won’t miss any deal that come across all these bargain sites! Pretty neat, eh? There are a lot more you can do with Yahoo! Pipes. I highly recommend you login in and try it out yourself. Hooray to web 2-O.o…


Written by divi

09/02/2007 at 4:05 pm

Apple’s New Toys

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I know, it’s that time of the year when Steve blesses us with his newest toys… So, to save you some digging here’s a list of all the new products that you should get excited about:

  • iTune 7
    • much improved interface
    • cover flow album (CD Rack like album browser)
    • much better album grouping view (I like this a lot)
    • ITMS now sells movies at near DVD quality (mostly Disney titles for now).
      • most at $9.99
      • new titles pre-order at $12.99, $14.99 on release date
      • takes about 30 mins to download
      • can start watching after 1 min of download
      • yup, Amazon needs to get a clue…
    • Library back up through DVD or CD
  • iPod
    • now with brighter screen
    • up to 80 gig
    • better battery life
      • 80GB (20 hrs audio, 6 hrs video)
      • 30GB (14 hrs audio, 3.5 hrs video)
    • $249 and $ 348 respectively
    • 60% brighter screen
    • search capability (for iPod & iPod Nano)
    • plays games now ($4.99 a pop from ITMS)
    • improved headset (for all iPods)
  • iPod Nano
    • back to Mini aluminum cases
    • color’s back: black, blue, green, pink, silver
    • 2GB (while only), 4GB (all colors), 8GB (black only)
    • $149, $199, $249 respectively
    • 40% brighter screen
    • 24 hrs battery life.
  • iPod Shuffle
    • now only 1.62 inches long
    • comes as a clip on (great for runners)!
    • 1GB (240 songs)
    • 12 hrs battery life
    • $79
  • iTV
    • “One Last Thing…”
    • coming Q1 2007
    • streaming video to your TV (HDTV support)
    • photo & music also supported
    • component & HDMI video output
    • analog & optical audio ouput as well
    • Wifi & LAN support
    • similar frontrow interface
    • $299
    • More detais to come

Written by divi

12/09/2006 at 12:47 pm

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iTune Addiction

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OK, I must admit I have an iTune addiction. That’s why I try hard to stay away from that music store icon. But, all those ITMS advertising emails certainly didn’t help. Maybe it’s back-to-school season. Everybody and their grandmas’ got a new album coming out. Dude, not all at once! My pocket ain’t that deep! But for you bargain hunters out there, ITMS has a bargain section that sells most albums at $6.99. It’s not much, but enough to feed the starving students some fries! 😉

p.s. The Pink Spiders totally rocks my socks! And at a bargain too…

Written by divi

29/08/2006 at 9:18 pm

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Movie Renting + Buying Coming To iTune?

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Hot off the press, according to AppleInsider, Apple has been “doing” a survey asking people’s willingness to rent/buy movies off the iTune music (soon to be movie?) store. The price point here is $9.99 per month (all you can eat w/ initial 1000 movies) and $12.95 per movie (NO DVD burning). Personally, I think I watch way more than 10 movies a year. And, I am constantly in need to be entertained. So, I’m all for the all you can eat option. But, I think potentially offering both is a Win for Apple. Keep the $12.95 price tag per movie. But, give discount to the yearly subscribers (maybe a 50% discount). So, after people watched a movie and liked it, they can hop over and own it. Not sure how popular this option would be. But hell, people can finally be sending movies to families and friends legally!  I sure hope it’d be in HD though I seriously doubt it.

Written by divi

02/03/2006 at 8:11 am

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Broke Mac Mountain

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This is “strangely” funny.  Haha.  It’ll tickle you in ways you’ve never been… er… tickled before….  Hey, I respect other people’s choice (notice the “choice” of wording).  Be it gay cow boys or mac fan-boys…  Just remember what’s coming when apocalypse is upon thee.  I’m so wrong that I think I might be right for once…

Written by divi

03/02/2006 at 3:20 am

The Busy Man’s 20-Min Homepage!

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So, I’m having so much fun with my new iMac, I actually did something that I set out to do a year ago… I made a new homepage! Finally! The only twist is instead of spending months laying out crazy CSS foundational design and coding funny Javascripts, all I did was point and click my way through everything! Couple drags and drops here and there, and voila! And, all it took was 20 minutes (most of the time just spent spinning pictures around)! I could easily spent more time writing this post… You gotta love the Macs! But wait, is it any good?! Well, you be the judge!

Written by divi

26/01/2006 at 5:33 am

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Yahoo has bought If you don’t know what is, you should head over to and see it for yourself. If you’re still confused, it’s basically a bookmarking website with a community theme. So you can tag (a.k.a flat-categorizing) your bookmarks into different categorizes and shares it with the world. With a nice little plug-in for FireFox, all of a sudden it’s your best friend! Kids, now you can take your favorite bookmarks where-ever you go! As for this monumentous day, I’d love to fuel on the community spirit and share my oh-so-delicious bookmarks with you. Do note that my endless obsession for all things geeky is rightfully reflected here. Sharing is good. So, get yourself an account and start sharing your 😉

Written by divi

09/12/2005 at 2:48 pm