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Here is a list of tips and tricks I’ve picked up along my quirky Mac journey.


There seems to be a problem when you try to install the official release Flash Player from Macromedia/Adobe. When you finished installing, it’ll say Safari (or whatever browser you’re using) has failed to detect the flash media type and keep prompting you to go back to Macromedia for a new download. I believe the problem is due to the fact that Flash Player released by Macromedia is not Universal Binary (the executable format that’ll run on both PowerPC and Intel Core). There seems to be couple solutions to this problem:

The easy one is to run your Web browser in emulation mode using Rosetta:

  • Applications>right click safari>click get info>check box (open using rosetta)

The better way is to fix your system by reinstating the original Flash setting:

  1. Download Pacifist – registration in not mandatory, but I would definitely do so.
  2. Pop in your orignal Install Disc 1.
  3. Start up Pacifist.
  4. Click “Open Mac OS X Install Packages”. You’ll be shown a comprehensive list of all the packages contained on that install disc.
  5. Use the search feature in Pacifist to locate the “Flash Player.plugin” file.
  6. Copy/extract that file to your desktop.
  7. Now move that “Flash Player.plugin” file to ” /Library/Internet Plug-Ins” and replace the existing “Flash Player.plugin” file.
  8. Quit Pacifist and restart your machine.
  9. You’re done and should now be able to view Flash files in both Safari and Camino – natively.




Written by divi

24/02/2006 at 6:13 am

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